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[AUCTeX] Adding \citetitle to reftex

From: Pétùr
Subject: [AUCTeX] Adding \citetitle to reftex
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 12:45:14 +0100
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Hello everyone,

With AUCTeX 11.90 (2017-01-10) :

  AUCTeX has a new custom option
  'LaTeX-reftex-cite-format-auto-activate' which controls the automatic
  activation of citation formats provided by RefTeX when a style file is
  loaded and RefTeX is enabled.  Currently, 'biblatex.el', 'harvard.el',
  'jurabib.el' and 'natbib.el' use this feature.  If you have customized
  'reftex-cite-format' and want to use your settings, you should set
  this variable to 'nil'.

For biblatex, there are \citeauthor and \citeyear but not \citetitle.

For consistency and because lots of people use \citetitle especially in
humanities where biblatex is popular ("in his famous book,
\citetitle{babar}, \textcite{babar} defends...), I suggest you add
\citetitle and \citetitle*. Keystroke "t" is already taken by \textcite,
I suggest "i".


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