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Re: AUCTeX and undo-tree

From: Greg Bognar
Subject: Re: AUCTeX and undo-tree
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2020 00:05:11 -0400

> On Wed, Mar 04 2020, Greg Bognar wrote:
> > I use the undo-tree package from GNU Elpa.  Recently, the undo command
> > (undo-tree-undo) stopped working when I edit .tex files with AUCTeX (in
> > LaTeX-mode).  As far as I can tell, it works as expected in all other modes.
> > Emacs seems to hang and I have to hit C-g repeatedly to be able to edit
> > again.  The default M-x undo command still works.
> I'm not seeing any problem, undo-tree works just fine in AUCTeX.
> What versions of Emacs and AUCTeX are you using? What OS? I'm on Linux, Emacs
> 26.3 and AUCTeX 12.2.0.

I'm on Debian 10.3, Emacs 26.1, AUCTeX 12.2.0.

Of course now I'm unable to reproduce the error.  It seems to appear randomly.
What I do remember is that it started after the latest update of undo-tree.  I'm
quite sure it has to do with my config, with the Emacs sandbox I don't see it at

> > Since I have a lot of customizations, it's possible the cause is somewhere
> > in my init file.  But before I try to track it down, I wonder if anyone else
> > experienced this problem and have some ideas.
> Check out Emacs sandbox:
> It allows you to run a clean Emacs instance without your customisations. You
> can then install AUCTeX and undo-tree into that instance (Melpa is
> pre-configured) and test if the problem occurs. When you quit Emacs,
> everything is cleaned up. Your config isn't touched at all, you can even start
> the Emacs sandbox safely while your regular Emacs is running.
> This way you can find out if your config has anything to do with the issue
> you're seeing.

Emacs sandbox is great!  Thanks for the pointer.

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