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Re: Adding to TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: Adding to TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 22:48:45 +0200
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On Mon, Mar 30 2020, Greg Bognar wrote:
You should probably customize
`LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes`. `TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes` just provides the default value for `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes`, which is why it's not a defcustom. (I assume that setting it doesn't have any effect because its value is not checked when cleaning out files. The value of
`LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` is used for that.

Thanks. I checked `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` and its original value is

("\\.aux" "\\.bbl" "\\.bcf" "\\.blg" "\\.brf" "\\.dvi" "\\.ent"
 "\\.fdb_latexmk" "\\.fls" "\\.fmt" "\\.fot" "\\.glo" "\\.gls"
"\\.synctex\\.gz" "\\.idx" "\\.ilg" "\\.ind" "\\.lof" "\\.log" "\\.lot" "\\.nav" "\\.out" "\\.rel" "\\.rip" "\\.snm" "\\.tags" "\\.toc" "\\.url" "\\.vrb" "\\.run\\.xml" "\\.acn" "\\.acr" "\\.alg" "\\.glg" "\\.ist")

which is my list, appended with ("\\.acn" "\\.acr" "\\.alg" "\\.glg" "\\.ist") as it should be from latex.el at (defcustom LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes...
at line 6061.

But the actual value is ("Notes\\.bib" "\\.tdo" "\\.aux" "\\.bbl" "\\.blg" "\\.brf" "\\.fot" "\\.glo" "\\.gls" "\\.idx" "\\.ilg" "\\.ind" "\\.lof" "\\.log" "\\.lot" "\\.nav" "\\.out" "\\.snm" "\\.toc" "\\.url" "\\.synctex\\.gz" "\\.bcf" "\\.run\\.xml" "\\.fls" "-blx\\.bib" "\\.acn" "\\.acr" "\\.alg" "\\.glg"
 "\\.ist" "\\.fdb_latexmk" "\\.aux.bak" "\\.fls")

So it seems `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` *does* pick up my setq for `TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes`, but then something overrides it. I never use any "Notes.bib" file, so I don't think it's something in my config.
Do you have any suggestions what it might be?

Have you checked your config? Perhaps you set it a long time ago and forgot about it? (Happens to me more often than I care to admit. ;-) Or perhaps you're using some Emacs starter kit or a config from somewhere else? Or perhaps a file-local or dir-local variable? My advice would be to remove the `setq` from your config, customize `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` to the value you want it to have and see what happens.

Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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