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Re: Highlighting special characters in math environment

From: Kauê da Silva Sena
Subject: Re: Highlighting special characters in math environment
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 21:00:26 -0300

Thank you, Andreas.
I believe I'll do as you suggest instead of trying to find a way to highlight them just in math environments since they do not generally appear outside them anyway. I just wondered if there were some "AUCTeXy" way of doing.  I thought also of trying to write some function which would match those characters only when between delimiters such as \( and \), but I have little knowledge of elisp and fear breaking AUCTeX's built in mechanism.

Em qua., 10 de nov. de 2021 às 20:30, Andreas Matthias <> escreveu:
Kauê da Silva Sena wrote:

> In this section of the AUCTeX manual, it is described how one could customize the highlighting of commands started with a backslash. I'd like, however, to give special highlighting to certain unicode symbols when they are inside a math environment. For example, =,+,×,⊆, ⊂, ∩, ↦, →,≥,≤,≅,≃,∀,∃,∈,∑. I use those with XeLaTeX and have a method for directly inputting them.

Just adding keywords is not so difficult. However, I do not know how
to restrict keywords
to the math environment.

(defconst my-special-face
  '(:foreground "blue"
    :background "cornsilk"))

 '(("[≤≥×≅]" . font-lock-warning-face)
   ("[∑∩]" . my-special-face)))

Kind regards

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