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Re: Indenting the code written in square brackets as optional parameters

From: निरंजन
Subject: Re: Indenting the code written in square brackets as optional parameters
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2022 04:35:08 +0000

Hello everyone,

> Try M-x byte-recompile-directory RET and specify
> ~/.emacs.d/elpa/auctex-13.0.14/ as the target
> directory. It will byte-compile latex.el and generates new
> latex.elc there. After that, restart emacs. Then you can
> taste updated behavior.

Thanks for this Ikumi, but this produced the following
message in my *Messages* buffer.

Done (Total of 0 files compiled, 292 skipped in 2 directories)

I tried the same with `sudo emacs' also, but still the
message didn't change, but while trying this I found the
command `M-x byte-recompile-file' with which I compiled the
latex.el and then I was able to test the changes. Thanks a

About the patch:
I am not a mathematician, so probably won't be able to say
anything about the problems Tassilo and Arash are pointing
out. From my (probably very little) experience of LaTeX I
don't think these changes could ever be harmful for my
documents. This is just a personal comment about the
changes, please give priority to the comments of experienced
TeXperts more than mine :-)

Other suggestion(s):
If these changes are dangerous for a lot of documents and
mathematical writing; then maybe can we have a minor mode,
like say, M-x LaTeX-indent-braces with these new settings
and not make them default? OTOH if the problem-cases are
trivial and rare, can we have the new settings enabled by
default and a minor mode to turn then off?

> You don't have to clone git repository just to apply a
> patch and test it. In the directory
> ~/.emacs.d/elpa/auctex-13.0.14/, issue a command
>   patch -p1 < PATH_TO_PATCH_FILE
> That will update latex.el, leaving the original file as
> latex.el.orig.

Ah! I didn't know this. Thanks. I will remember this. Is
this done with git or some other program by the way? (I mean
the patch command.)


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