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Re: Indenting the code written in square brackets as optional parameters

From: Sašo Živanović
Subject: Re: Indenting the code written in square brackets as optional parameters
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2022 15:44:04 +0100
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Hello Arash, Ikumi and Sašo,

Thanks for probing this issue so deeply and sorry for a
delayed response.

That can be an option. I think there are 3 (or more?)
  1. New minor mode.
  2. New user option.
  3. Leave it as is.
What do others think?

I would definitely insist for a minor mode as this is in my
opinion a very good and handy feature. Apart from insisting
for the first alternative,
I opt for #2. Because as I envision the option, it is really two options, where the user can list all the opening and closing delimiters that indentation should take into account. Leaving the default values {} would then result in the original behaviour.

I would really urge you all to
think if there is really any case outside the math-mode
where one would want to use incomplete brackets, i.e., using
a [ without a ]). If there is no case where such a text
would be used I would also request you to consider making
this indentation the default one and only providing a minor
mode to turn it off. As far as I see this is only useful and
not at all harmful in the text-mode.
As I pointed out in the previous email, the situation also arises in TeX programming. Not every day, but still.


Oh, sorry, did it? That is strange according to your
previous message...

I don't know, but this is what happened. Maybe something is
wrong, but anyways; as of now I have managed to compile the
required file, so let's just forget it ;-)


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