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Re: Word wrap for non-whitespace-seperated language

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: Word wrap for non-whitespace-seperated language
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2020 11:44:51 -0400

>>> Without truly filling the lines, do the commands C-a, C-n, etc work 
>>> properly?
>> It depends on the commands: C-n/p works fine (given
>> line-move-visual is t), but C-a/e moves to the end of buffer line,
>> which is the beginning/end of the paragraph in a users eyes
> I was afraid it would be like that.
> I suppose that the rectangle commands don't work, and C-x = does
> something unhelpful.  Is that so?  What about C-x TAB?
> If all the commands that ought to make sense for such text
> understand how the display shows the line-wrapping, and DTRT,
> I suppose that will be as good as real wrapping.  Would you like to
> work on that?

For all the commands, the behavior of flywrap (I’m calling it flywrap now) 
should be identical to that of normally redisplay word wrapping: in both 
settings the text is just one line, but we display it across multiple lines on 
screen. E.g., C-x = works the same, C-x TAB only adds indentation to the 
beginning of the displayed “paragraph”, because that’s the beginning of the 
buffer line and there is really only one line. So in that regard flywrap is as 
good as redisplay wrapping. It’s much slower though (but fast enough to use).

I wrote two simple commands to go to the beginning/end of the displayed line, 
they are automatically bound when flywrap-mode is on.

Here is the latest version: 


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