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Re: Request: add cl-font-lock to Emacs or Elpa

From: YUE Daian
Subject: Re: Request: add cl-font-lock to Emacs or Elpa
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020 22:41:09 +0800

>> I also wonder how you made those lists?  Have you extracted them from
>> the CLHS?  If so, it would be good to include (e.g. as comments) the
>> code&steps that was used.
>> [ I'm also curious why things like make-method and next-method-p are in
>>   built-in--symbols rather than in built-in--functions.  ]
They are not extracted from CLHS. They are extracted from a SBCL image.
As for the 2 functions...it is because they are "local function/macro",
which was not recognized as "function".

>> Finally, of course, there's the issue of copyright.  I don't see your
>> name in the copyright.list so it appears you haven't yet signed any
>> copyright paperwork.  I see Yue Daian as author, but the git log doesn't
>> mention him.  How does your work relate to his?  Who else contributed?
> The more important ones are in the second paragraph, and the main one
> is missing: would the authors be willing to sign the needed
> copyright paperwork (AFAIK neither you nor Spenser have signed that
> paperwork yet)?
>         Stefan
Spenser suggested me to sign the copyright paperwork.

And I am more than willing to do so.

So...where do we start now? ;-)

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