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Re: Some more analysis of the 2020 Emacs User Survey

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Some more analysis of the 2020 Emacs User Survey
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2021 23:10:40 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/2.0 (3d08634) (2020-11-07)

* TEC <tecosaur@gmail.com> [2021-01-07 22:39]:

> What’s with these modeline people? Disable the modeline but keep
> everything else. They’re crazy.

That is funny and nicely personalized statement.

That is good that you made different analysis with intersections,
describing things like:

> TUI is massively more popular with Vanilla users
> GUI very slightly more popular with Doom/Spacemacs than the rest

That is what I meant with "intersections", to find what sets are
common to other sets.

> Doomers like Ivy, Spacers like Helm

Yes, nice expressions.

 > Error checking

 >    Most vanilla users don’t make mistakes 😉
 >    Everybody else is fairly similar (mostly flycheck, some rather confident 
 > individuals, and a small slice of flymake)

With vanilla I have no mistake, be it ice cream or cake.

Most of graphs until 1.3.1. I do not find user friendly, not easily
understandable. Your text statements are useful.

Framework graph shows that many new users are discovering Emacs
through Doom and Spacemacs, that I find useful information as maybe
those projects could be somehow supported by GNU, or promoted by GNU
project, why not, as long as they promote fully free software.

Maybe even, GNU could distribute Doom and Spacemacs versions directly,
or possible include them in GNU ELPA.

> 2.1 Org mode purpose and Emacs improvements and Emacs strengths

Great that you made presentation by the tag or word cloud.


Maybe most important insight is the "Emacs learning difficulties"

where it shows keybindings as main obstacle.

In regards to number of Emacs users, I have used Debian popularity
package and already found analysis, I believe number is few more
millions than what StackOverflow found.

You missed the point when you said "The respondents are predominantly
on Linux (65%), with most of the rest on MacOS (25%), then a slither
on Windows (10%) / BSD (2%). This is a huge Compared to the 2020
StackOverflow Survey, BSD is 20x more prevalent, Linux 2.5x, MacOS 1x,
and Windows 0.15x. " as Linux is kernel, while MacOS or Windows are
operating systems.

You have not even one time mentioned that Emacs is GNU project. I am
negatively surprised. The word "GNU" does not exist there even though
the piece of software you talk of is named "GNU Emacs" and not just

Would there be any chance that you change that page and provide
reference to GNU project, and original GNU Emacs website?


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