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[Feature request] hope webjump.el can add tags searching support

From: Christopher Miles
Subject: [Feature request] hope webjump.el can add tags searching support
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 04:45:57 +0000

I tried to email to <nwv@acm.org>, but email failed.

: <nwv@acm.org>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied

So I emailed here. If this is wrong, I'm sorry about this in advance.

# ==============================================================================

Recently I migrated web browser bookmarks into your writted Emacs extension
webjump.el. It's really great. I like it very much. I used to use another
extension "engine-mode.el".

I found webjump need one improvement for bookmarks searching. It's "tags". Hope
can webjump can support tags searching. Currently webjump only search bookmark
names is very limited for filtering lot of bookmarks.

User can add tags in bookmarks definition like this:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(setq webjump-sites
      '(;; Search Engines
        ("Google" . ([simple-query "google.com" 
"https://www.google.com.tw/search?safe=off&q="; ""]
                     ("search engine" "google")))
        ("DuckDuckGo" . ([simple-query "duckduckgo.com" 
"https://duckduckgo.com/?q="; ""]
                         ("search engine" "privacy")))
        ("DogeDoge" . ([simple-query "dogedoge.com" 
"https://www.dogedoge.com/results?q="; ""]
                       ("search engine")))
        ("Blekko" . ([simple-query "blekko.com" "https://blekko.com/#?q="; ""]
                     ("search engine" "vertical")))
        ("Bing" . ([simple-query "bing.com" "http://cn.bing.com/search?q="; ""]
                   ("search engine" "Microsoft")))
        ;; Q&A
        ("Stack Exchange" . ([simple-query "stackexchange.com" 
"http://stackexchange.com/search?q="; ""]
                             ("Q&A" "programming")))
        ("Stack Overflow" . ([simple-query "stackoverflow.com" 
"https://stackoverflow.com/search?q="; ""]
                             ("Q&A" "programming")))
        ("Quora" . ([simple-query "quora.com" "https://www.quora.com/search?q="; 

The upper code is just an example. Of course you have your design for the data
structure for webjump.

Hope to see this improvement.


[ stardiviner ]
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