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RE: [External] : Re: POLL: make C-x o transient

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Re: POLL: make C-x o transient
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2021 15:47:02 +0000

> > Which will make `C-x o` invoke a transient version of `other-window'
> > like `text-scale-adjust’ does.
> I think the pattern is clear: `C-x <letter>` are good candidates ;-)

Please do NOT sacrifice any more <letter>s here.
Leave them, to be available generally, for users
and libraries.

Repurposing the existing `C-x o' would be fine,
of course.  It should definitely be made more
useful by making it repeatable (`C-x o o ...').

Whether that's used for window navigation or
something else is a different question. (Use
for window navigation is fine by me.)

And if used for window navigation, just how that
navigation proceeds is yet another question.
(Any reversible systematic cycling is fine by me.)

> It needs work, but I agree with the intention.


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