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Re: Recentish C-s M-y change

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Recentish C-s M-y change
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2021 10:42:25 +0000

But... could you perhaps also add C-s C-u C-y, as I suggested? If not, why not? The prefix argument is currently ignored by C-y.

The current interface of isearch-yank-kill and isearch-yank-pop corresponds exactly to the global commands yank and yank-pop. So their behaviors are mirrors, but adding C-u to one of them will break consistency, i.e. C-u of yank and isearch-yank-kill would have a completely different meaning.

I understand, but the consistency is broken anyway: C-u has an effect on yank, and no effect on isearch-yank-kill. And mirroring the effect of C-u on yank (exchanging point and mark) in isearch-yank-kill is not possible.

I stand by my suggestion: using the universal argument on isearch-yank-kill to immediately enter the interactive selection of an element of the kill-ring with C-s C-u C-y without releasing the control modifier.

I believe accessing the new feature with both C-s C-u C-y and C-s C-u M-y is useful: C-s C-u C-y is useful to immediately enter an interactive selection (it's convenient because it only uses the control modifier), and C-s C-y M-y ... C-u M-y is useful to enter an interactive selection while using the non-interactive selection.

BTW, such sequence might not do what you want. I mean that often after typing C-s C-y M-y ... C-u M-y, the second C-u M-y doesn't replace the search string with a string from the kill-ring, it appends it.

That's not correct. C-s C-y M-y ... or C-s M-y M-y ... cycle through the kill-ring entries. Typing C-u M-y enters an interactive selection of the kill-ring elements in the minibuffer.

What you probably meant is that C-s <something> C-y M-y ... or C-s <something> M-y M-y ... cycle through the kill-ring entries and appends each of them in turn to the <something>, and that typing C-u M-y discards the <something> and enters the interactive selection of a kill-ring element in the minibuffer.

It could indeed make sense to use C-u C-u M-y (for example) to enter an interactive selection of a kill-ring element prepended with the <something>, but I'm not convinced it would be very useful in practice.

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