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url issues

From: Dave Love
Subject: url issues
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 22:48:37 +0100
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There are a bunch of things in url which need attention.

* The URL copyright notices still need to be changed to be
  consistently FSF, I think.

* url-ldap is still broken -- see the fixme comment in it.  I thought
  the ldap.el maintainer would take a look at it.  I think it should
  just call `ldap-search' instead of the ldap-open ... ldap-close

* url-ldap.el, url-gw.el, and url-https.el still reference the ssl
  library, which hasn't been imported from the w3 repository.  (There
  is a tls.el in Emacs now, but it doesn't have all the functions of
  ssl.el, and I don't know how compatible it is otherwise.)

* The args of the only use of `push' in url-mailto.el need to be
  reversed.  The error is masked in the compiler by the unnecessary
  use of `(require 'cl)', which might as well be removed.

* url-misc.el needs to require cl when compiling.

* `weekday-alist' and `month-abbrev-alist' in url-vars.el should get a
  `url-' prefix, along with their uses in url-util.el.

* The setting of mm-mime-mule-charset in url-vars.el can be removed.

* The definition and use of `url-passwd-entry-func' can be cleaned up
  by just replacing it with `read-passwd'.

* I think this change is the wrong thing to do, and that
  `mm-insert-part' should be used instead.  If that doesn't work right
  it can be fixed -- I'm not sure it DTRT in terms of setting
  `last-coding-system-used' &c.

  (A comment in the code mentions `the locale in use at the remote
  site'; but that shouldn't be relevant.  What's important is the
  specified charset -- or the default, if it's not specified,
  e.g. Latin-1 for text/html as far as I remember.)

  2004-09-20  Stefan Monnier  <address@hidden>

        * url-handlers.el (url-insert-file-contents): Decode contents.

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