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Re: autorevert doesn't change mode-line-modified anymore

From: Klaus Zeitler
Subject: Re: autorevert doesn't change mode-line-modified anymore
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 12:54:28 +0200
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>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:
    Richard> The reason was so that if the user had type C-x C-q to change
    Richard> the value of buffer-read-only, that change should not be lost.
    Richard> It looks like we can't completely win no matter what we do.
    Richard> If we bind the variable, we get wrong results if the file's
    Richard> mode changes.  If we don't bind it, we get wrong results if
    Richard> the user changes the mode.
    Richard> I think changes by the user are more common.  So the code
    Richard> as it is now is better.

Unfortunately this will annoy our emacs users here.  We use Clearcase here and
we have to use a Java application to check in/out our sources (this tool
interacts with a database, that is used to administrate all our labels/views
etc., a really annoying tool I have to admit, especially since it has no
command line interface). So far that wasn't much of a problem, cause whenever
I checked in or out or made a file private via this tool, emacs automatically
reverted it and set the correct read/write state.
Can we please have a user configurable option to change back to the old



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