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Re: x-dnd (drag and drop) fails on x86_64

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: x-dnd (drag and drop) fails on x86_64
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 20:33:10 +0100

Emacs no longer throws an error, but unfortunately it doesn't accept
the drag of text neither.  Here a new gdb output:


But it does accept dragging URLs.  (The URL is inserted in the buffer.
Shouldn't it be passed to `browse-url-browser-function' i.e. to
`browse-url-default-browser' with -Q?)

If it accepts the URL, but not the text, my guess is that the text is of some charset we don't handle by default. To figure that out, I need some lisp output.

After some discussion it was concluded that inserting the text as the default action would be best. After all, you are dropping it on an editor. But if the browse-url-browser-function has the (REGEXP . FUCTION) we assume the user knows what he/she is doing, and then the DND code tries that list. See the documentation for the variable x-dnd-protocol-alist.

Please tell me if you need other data from gdb.

The GDB part is probably OK now, otherwise the URL drop would not work. So what you can help me with is some lisp output. Just start emacs with -Q and then

M-x load-file dnd-diff.el

Then do the drop again and send the output in the buffer *Messages* here. Don't hoover too long with the mouse over Emacs before releasing it, if you do you will get a lot of XdndPosition messages and the buffer will discard the oldest messages. The output in *Messages* should look like this, make sure you get the XdndEnter line and all after it:

XdndEnter [(352 . 474) (768 . 1) 0 0 0]
XdndPosition [(352 . 474) 0 (357 . 178) (9 . 278) 370]
DND test: copy [text/_moz_htmlcontext text/_moz_htmlinfo text/html text/unicode
XdndPosition (private . text/unicode)
XdndPosition [(352 . 474) 0 (329 . 186) (9 . 299) 370]
XdndPosition (private . text/unicode)
XdndDrop [(352 . 474) 0 (9 . 1021) 0 0]
DND drop K^@ address@hidden@address@hidden@ address@hidden@P^@ text/unicode

Since the drop fails, you may not see the XdndDrop line or the DND drop line.


        Jan D.

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