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Re: x-dnd (drag and drop) fails on x86_64

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: x-dnd (drag and drop) fails on x86_64
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 16:31:40 +0100
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Reiner Steib wrote:

On Mon, Feb 07 2005, Jan D. wrote:

Can you at all copy-paste between the browser and Emacs or do you
get truncated text if you mark text in the browser, select Copy from
the browser Edit menu and then select Paste from the Emacs Edit

Works as it should.  It also works when just selecting the text (in
Firefox) without using Edit/Copy (i.e. using the "PRIMARY

I noticed, that dragging from gedit (GNOME: text), kate (KDE: text)
and konqueror (KDE: text and URLs) to Emacs (x86_64) works.  From all
application including Firefox, dragging to Emacs (i686) works.

Emacs mishandles the case when it retreives (or sets) a property that has the format 32 bits on a machine that has a 64 bit long. An Atom is such a property, and Atom:s are used to communicate during drag and drop. Typically, Atoms tell Emacs which types the target can convert the thing being dragged to. Emacs then selects one it can handle. Firefox has some strange types (_moz_...) in the first part of the list of types it supports. But the bug in Emacs when used on AMD_64 (or any 64 bit CPU) is that Emacs only gets half the list. For Firefox, that results in no usable types, but for Kedit/Gedit/Konquerer Emacs can use the type that is first in the list, so the lost half isn't critical.

I have to review the whole selection/drag and drop/property handling in Emacs for this case. Try again tomorrow, a fix should be checked in by then.

Thanks for debugging this,

   Jan D.

PS. Can you resend the first mail with subject "[x86_64] abort in x_handle_selection_event when copying text", it looks like only the second where delivered.

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