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Re: Help with partial line needed

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Help with partial line needed
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 11:14:02 +0100
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David Kastrup wrote:

Sorry I couldn't help.

Well, if the problem with fluxbox could be wrapped in a bug report and
sent to the maintainers, this _could_ help.  For me, the effect is not
overly tragic since I usually don't use the toolbar, let alone detach
it.  Detached, I'd consider it quite more useful if it would be
vertically arranged, but I have no clue about what GTK+ might offer in
that respect.

I could perhaps wrap it in a smaller program, but currently I have not much time to spare. The explanation seems to be some race condition or invalid caching of information in fluxbox. This happens for me:

Emacs frame has a height of 783 pixels. The base height is 63 pixels, and the height increment is 15 (see XSetWMSizeHints). 63 is the menu bar and the tool bar. 15 is the line height. I have 48 lines, so 63 + 15*48 = 768. Everything is OK.

I detach the tool bar (38 pixels), so Emacs sets the base height to 27 (63 - 36, because there is a 2 pixel remnant of the tool bar when detached).
Now, 27 + 15*48 = 747, so Emacs resizes the frame to 747 pixels.

But fluxbox has apprently not updated the base size for Emacs, it still uses the old value of 63: (747 - 63)/15 is about 45.6. The rule as stated in ICCCAM is that our frame size must be base_size + n * height_increment, so fluxbox drops the reminder and sends a ConfigureNotify to Emacs with the height 738 (63 + 15*45).

Emacs adapts to this (there is no way to tell that this wasn't a user resize), so the frame shrinks.

If I detach and attach slowly, it usually works OK, so I guess there is a timing problem in fluxbox.

   Jan D.

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