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Re: Default :group in lisp/emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Default :group in lisp/emacs-lisp/easy-mmode.el.
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 12:57:42 -0500
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> But, I guess that at the present state it will be difficult to do that
> and get rid of `custom-current-group', because many things already
> rely on `custom-current-group'.  What we definitely could and, I
> believe should, do is discourage people from relying on it, because it
> is quite simply not solid.

Unless you're currently hacking on the code, custom-current-group is very
much reliable.  At least I don't know of any case where it "fails".
The worst "problem" is if someone does a few C-M-x of C-x C-e in a buffer
and then is surprised that the variable doesn't appear in the right group.
Big deal.


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