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Re: `make-frame' makes taller frame than the specified height

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: `make-frame' makes taller frame than the specified height
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 16:56:20 -0400

    So the fix would then be to make height when querying frame parameters 
    mean height not including tool bar.  I think this is a risky change,  
    some lisp code depends on the current behaviour 
    (frame-notice-user-settings among other things).  I suggest saving this 
    for after the release.

There are 55 calls to frame-parameters in Emacs.  I think that if you
look at each one, you'll probably need less than 5 seconds for most of them
to see they are irrelevant.

There are some 70 calls to frame-parameter, of which exactly 2 look
for the height.

So I think it would not take long to make this fix and find the few
other places that need to be changed also.  But if you don't want to
do that now, could you put it into etc/TODO?

Note: on ttys, and maybe also when not using Xt, the menu bar counts as
part of the frame height, and so should the toolbar if the toolbar
is supported in any of these modes.  So it needs to be done conditionally.

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