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existing work on TODO items

From: Dave Love
Subject: existing work on TODO items
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 00:52:24 +0000
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I realize that apart from anything else, TODO gets treated as a list
of things to avoid.  However, could you at least reference existing
work on the topics, even if it gets re-done, to avoid more wasted
hacker time?  Here are items I know about, though I can't necessarily
remember what I did long ago.

* `fx is looking at multilingual font selection for Emacs 22.'  should
  be `fx looked at multilingual font selection for Unicode-based

* `Program Enriched mode to read and save in RTF.' appears to be
  addressed by http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/emacs-rtf/.

* `Make movemail work with IMAP.' is done in GNU mailutils, along with
  other things.

* `** ange-ftp *** understand sftp' isn't likely to work properly
  because sftp doesn't print status messages.

* `Implement a clean way to use different major modes for different
  parts of a buffer.' should reference
  http://www.loveshack.ukfsn.org/emacs/multi-mode.el and, probably,
  reference mmm-mode with a critique.

* `Implement a variant of uncompress.el or jka-compr.el that works
  with GNU Privacy Guard for encryption.' should reference

* `Investigate using the language environment (or locale?) ...' might
  read something like:

  ** Enhance locale handling:  handle language, territory and charset
  orthogonally and de-emphasize language environments.  Use the locale
  to set up more things, such as fontsets, the default Ispell
  dictionary, diary format, calendar holidays and display, quoting
  characters and phrase boundaries, sentence endings, collation for
  sorting (at least for unicodes), HTTP Accept-language, patterns for
  directory listings and compilation messages, yes-or-no replies,
  common menu items when the toolkit supports it ...  `locale-info'
  needs extending for LC_COLLATE &c.  [fx started on this.]

  The item `Improve language environment handling so that Emacs can
  fit better to a users locale.' would be covered by that, but as far
  as I remember, doing it that way was vetoed.

* `Port the conservative stack marking code of Emacs' garbage collector
  to more systems' should note that the Boehm collector gives you that.

* `Eliminate the storm of warnings concerning char/unsigned char
  mismatches that we get with proprietary compilers on various
  systems.' should say `proprietary compilers and gcc 4'.

* `A function to tell you the argument pattern of functions.' is
  `function-arity' in http://www.loveshack.ukfsn.org/emacs/fx-misc.el.

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