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RE: dired listing is case-sensitive on MS Windows

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: dired listing is case-sensitive on MS Windows
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 13:11:05 -0700

    > Dired a directory with both uppercase and lowercase file names. The
    > uppercase names all appear before any lowercase names. MS Windows is
    > case-insensitive for file and directory names, so Dired should respect
    > that, by default: an alphabetic listing should pay no attention to
    > letter case.

    You have the `ls-lisp-ignore-case' option to get what you want (and
    `ls-lisp-dirs-first' if you are used to see the directories first, as
    in the Windows Explorer).

    As for changing the default, I disagree: I'm used to look for
    upper-case file names near the beginning of the directory listing,
    like they are on Unix.  I don't want to change my habits depending on
    what OS I'm working.  (And what to do on a Unix filesystem mounted via
    NFS or Samba?)

Well, we disagree about the default behavior. I don't care about this for my
own use.

I think that the default behavior for MS Windows users should be
case-insensitive. People who have other habits (;-)) or special needs such
as you describe can use `ls-lisp-ignore-case' to adjust.

The default behavior on Windows should be geared to the average (even the
novice) Windows user. That user will expect 1) directories first and 2) case
insensitivity for names.

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