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Re: warnings compiling Emacs 22 on amd64

From: Kevin Gallagher
Subject: Re: warnings compiling Emacs 22 on amd64
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 23:58:08 -0600
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Richard Stallman wrote:
I think we should demand some way to turn off the warning in specific
places.  Does GCC have a feature to turn off warnings in a specific
piece of code?  I don't remember.  It would be a good feature to have.

However, a specific feature just for this kind of warning would also
be useful.  I have an idea for what it could look like: an extra cast.

      if ((int)(short)foo > (int)SHRT_MAX || (int)(short)foo < (int)SHRT_MIN)

(short) would be a way of saying "yes I know this is a short", and
this could suppress the warning.

What do you think of that feature?
Some compilers support the use of #pragma directives to disable certain warnings it would otherwise generate for the lines wrapped within those specific #pragma directives. Perhaps
GCC could be extended to support this.

I think this, or some other in line compiler directive, is a better way to instruct the compiler
how to behave, rather than a modification of the source code itself.

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