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Re: wrong single quote character in `groff.pdf`

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: wrong single quote character in `groff.pdf`
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 17:51:47 -0500

[looping in groff@]

Hi Werner!

At 2022-07-26T20:55:21+0000, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> [2f4432718c50ac6cd59491366fb470f0d92f87ba]
> In file `groff.pdf`, starting with section 5.25, 'Drawing Requests',
> the quotation character in typewriter type used for the definition of
> escape sequences changes from straight single quote to curly single
> quote.  Shortly before 5.26, it changes back to straight single quote.
> This isn't correct, AFAICS.

I agree, it isn't.  The '@codequote' Texinfo commands were new to
Texinfo 5.0.  I've been using them to bracket sections of the manual
that I have reviewed for correct apostrophe/grave accent glyph usage,
which in practice tends to mean I've reviewed the section for other
style issues as well.

In the long term, I'll have reviewed the entire manual thus and
@codequote commands will bracket the whole thing, except for any regions
where we want to depict directional single quotes, as example troff
output perhaps.


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