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Re: Unify native and foreign methods handling?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Unify native and foreign methods handling?
Date: 22 Apr 2003 14:27:22 +0200
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address@hidden (Kai Gro├čjohann) writes:

> I wonder if it may be useful to treat native and foreign handlers in
> a uniform way?
> Then Tramp would be divided into a dispatch module which takes
> filenames and invokes the right handler, and several file handlers
> which do the actual operations.

Nice idea. Would be something like an internal handler per method,
which is called from the dispatcher.

Advantage: special treatment for some methods could be divided from
the functions, which would make the code more clean (and robust).

Finally, Tramp would be a file-handler-in-the-file-handler. Hmm. Maybe
the dispatching can be given to file-name-handler-alist, which
contains a file handler per method plus a handler for syntactical
structures assuming default method.

Hard with the todays syntax. But maybe your URL-based approach,
discussed recently in emacs-devel, would be better suited.

Best regards, Michael.

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