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Re: Tramp 2.1.2 for Gnu Emacs under Windows XP?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Tramp 2.1.2 for Gnu Emacs under Windows XP?
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 14:38:13 +0200
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Rainer Thiel <address@hidden> writes:

> At 20:51 19.09.2004, Michael Albinus wrote:
>>Tramp 2.1.2 has been released.

First of all, I've uploaded Tramp 2.1.2, but it didn't reach the
savannah download area yet. I try to fix this together with the
savannah admins. Sorry for that.

> Is there any help available on how to install Tramp 2.1.2 for Gnu
> Emacs 21.3 under Windows XP?

There is the Tramp homepage <>
Is that sufficient, or do you need specific Windows XP information?

> Thanks in advance,
> Rainer Thiel

Best regards, Michael.

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