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Re: Garbage in files written with tramp

From: Vincent Bernat
Subject: Re: Garbage in files written with tramp
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 22:21:59 +0100
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OoO  En ce  début de  soirée  du lundi  07 février  2005, vers  21:58,
Michael Albinus <address@hidden> disait:

> I've tried to reproduce, also with encoding via `base64-encode-region',
> and decoding via `mimencode -u -b'. No problem.

> I've even decoded the data you've provided manually, saved the
> resulting file, copied it to "/sudo::/tmp", and compared your and my
> debug buffer. The encoded data are identical. Strange.

> Could you, please, tell the emacs-version, the tramp-version, and the
> metamail version you are using? For me, it is Emacs 21.3.50, Tramp
> 2.0.47 (mostly), and (Debian) metamail 2.7-46.

I am using Debian unstable with a snapshot of Emacs CVS.

 - Emacs   21.3.50  with   multi-tty   patch  (the   last  change   in
   lisp/Changelog is dated 2005-02-04 by Jay Belanger)
 - Tramp  from this  CVS  (but I  have  also tried  Tramp 2.0.47  from
 - metamail 2.7-46

Note that  I have  successfully decoded the  data of the  debug buffer
with mimencode -u -b too.

I have tried to do the same thing by using two additional hops (ssh to
one machine and  back) and I have just got  additional garbage. I have
also tried with an  empty file. As soon as its size  grows, the end is
also replaced  with garbage.  I have tried  on a remote  machine using
Debian testing  and there  was no  problem. I have  tried on  a remote
machine  using  Debian unstable  and  there  was  no problem.  I  have
reinstalled metamail, no change.

Can I use something else instead  of mimencode ? Is it possible to get
the value of all variables in the environment ?
BOFH excuse #36:
dynamic software linking table corrupted

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