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Re: problem copying files from remote machine to local one.

From: Pawel
Subject: Re: problem copying files from remote machine to local one.
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 15:37:58 +0200

Hallo Michael

Michael Albinus writes:
 > Pawel <address@hidden> writes:
 > > Hallo
 > Hi,
 > > Then emacs unlocks and contents of *tramp/scp remotehost* are:
 > > The authenticity of host 'remotehost (' can't be established.
 > > RSA key fingerprint is 1e:18:a2:f1:92:d1:d1:5e:f8:e2:96:24:49:e4:45:5d.
 > > Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? 
 > I'm not sure, but I believe Tramp cannot handle this message
 > (yet). When you have applied the scp from the shell successfully, next
 > attempt the question shouldn't be raised again.
 > OTOH, this is a contradiction to what you have said (it works fine
 > with text files). But this might be a problem of order.

Yes, and as I noticed, another bad thing is the ip address of remote host in 
the message: ! At initial `scp' invocation to remotehost from console 
it was correct one.
 > Could you, please, try it with Tramp again? And see whether there is
 > the same message in the Tramp buffer?

What buffer do You mean? The "ssh authenticity confirmation" message is the 
contant of tramp buffer. There are all buffers in my emacs:
 MR Buffer           Size  Mode         File
 -- ------           ----  ----         ----
.*% tmp              1018  Dired by name /scp:remotehost:/tmp/
  % pic              3967  Dired by name 
 *  *Find*           1592  Dired by name /scp:remotehost:/
  % /scp:remotehost:/  1298 Dired by name /scp:remotehost:/
  % emacs            2270  Dired by name ~/emacs-config/
    *scratch*           0  Lisp Interaction 
 *  *Messages*       2007  Fundamental  
 *  *tramp/scp remotehost*  0 Fundamental 
    oncore_remoteant.jpg  0 Fundamental 
 *  *tramp/scp remotehost*<2>  199 Fundamental <-- here is the ssh message.
 > > Greetings
 > Best regards, Michael.

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