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Re: tramp (2.1.15-pre); fails to open remote file on a Linksys router ru

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp (2.1.15-pre); fails to open remote file on a Linksys router running OpenWRT Kamikaze 7.09 [Dropbear sshd v0.50, BusyBox v1.4.2].
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 07:23:10 +0100
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Gregor Zattler <address@hidden> writes:

>>This message means, that Tramp cannot find a suitable program on the
>>router to encode/decode files. It looks for mimencode, mmencode, recode,
>>perl etc. The traces show also, that stty is not found on the router.
>>Could you, please, check the existence and location of those programs?
> You are right, none of the programs are installed on this small
> maschine.
> I skimmed the fine manual and my impression was, that TRAMP
> tries all transfer methods if none is specified.  I now specified
> several external transfer methods namely scp and sftp since I know
> that it is possible to transfer files this way:


> My understanding of the manual was, that the external methods do not
> depend on the encoding programs you mentioned.  E.g.: 4.3. External
> transfer methods states: "This saves the overhead of encoding and
> decoding that multiplexing the transfer through the one connection has
> with the inline methods."
> Is this a bug in the implementation, the manual or do I simply not
> understand the manual?

In general, your approach is the right one. But there is an optimization
in Tramp, which beats you now: if there is a small file to be copied,
Tramp uses an inline method, even if an external method is specified.

You can customize this behaviour: just set tramp-copy-size-limit to
0. Additionally, you need to apply the appended patch (there was an
error, indeed).

> Thanks for your help,
> Gregor

Best regards, Michael.

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