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Re: Don't send "exec" command on login

From: Rolando Pereira
Subject: Re: Don't send "exec" command on login
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 22:31:54 +0000
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Em 18-02-2009 21:22, Michael Albinus escreveu:
Rolando Pereira<address@hidden>  writes:

I need to connect to a server X that I can only connect after
connecting to another server Y first.

As I understand from reading the documentation, I can do multi-hops
using proxies. The problem is that the Y server has a weird shell that
only accepts the following commands:
ssh, telnet, who, last, passwd, help, version, quit, exit, and logout

So when tramp trys to run
tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell and send the string
"exec env ENV='' PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1='$ ' PS2='' PS3='' %s" it

If I try to change that string to "ssh X", it works, but since the
shell at Y can't add the server key to the known_hosts file, I have to
type and addicional "yes" (because of the "Are you sure you want to
continue connecting (yes/no)?") plus send the password again.

You should only need to send the "ssh X" command. The handling of the
"Are you sure ..." dialogue shall happen via `tramp-process-actions'.

Which Tramp/Emacs versions are you using? Could you, please, send me the
traces with level 6?

Best regards, Michael.

I knew I had forgotten something. Tramp's version is 2.1.15-pre and Emacs' version is

The following traces were done using the string "ssh" instead of "exec env ENV='' PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1='$ ' PS2='' PS3='' %s" in the line 5945 of the file tramp.el (in the function tramp-open-connection-setup-interactive-shell).

The *debug tramp/telnet address@hidden buffer:

The *tramp/telnet address@hidden buffer:

Also, the first server ( is connected using telnet and only the second using ssh.

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