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Re: emacs hangs when connecting from windows to linux with tcsh shell

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: emacs hangs when connecting from windows to linux with tcsh shell
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2011 16:00:51 +0200
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Peter Baranyi <address@hidden> writes:


>> The sequence PS1="#$" does not exist in Tramp 2.1.20. Could you, please,
>> check whether you have a shadow tramp.el lying around, from an earlier
>> installation? You could check it with
>>  M-x list-load-path-shadows
> It finds: 1 Emacs Lisp load-path shadowing was found: ~/.emacs.d/asn1-mode
> which is unrelated i guess.


> Here is the interesting part of the debug:
> 12:34:02.703000 tramp-maybe-open-connection (3) # Found remote shell
> prompt on `'
> 12:34:02.703000 tramp-open-shell (5) # Opening remote shell `/bin/sh'...
> 12:34:02.704000 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # process-name nil
> 12:34:02.704000 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # remote-echo nil
> 12:34:02.705000 tramp-send-command (6) # exec env ENV=''
> PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1="#$" PS2='' PS3='' /bin/sh

And that's what I don't understand. Tramp shall NOT send PS1="#$" (these
days, it sends PS1=\#\$ ). Could you, please, have a look in tramp.el,
and search for PS1= (just these 4 characters). I did it also, and there
was no evidence, that double apostrophes are sent - this is the problem.

> I am unable to use the plinkx method! From a command line, i can
> specify the putty session: plink -load "session name with spaces,
> slash, parenthesis" -t. But from emacs, it says host not found.

Have you used "plinkx" as hostname? You shouldn't, plinkx is just a
method. Your remote file name must be
"/plinkx:sessionname:/path". However, I'm not sure whether Tramp is able
to handle spaces etc in session names correctly.

> Looks like if its using the session name as a hostname!

That's the idea of plinkx! From the Tramp manual:

| `plinkx'
|      Another method using PuTTY on Windows.  Instead of host names, it
|      expects PuTTY session names, calling `plink -load SESSION -t"'.

> And if i use a simple word as a session name, it thinks that its a
> hostname and refuses to use it! But not always, sometimes it tries to
> connect and i get the password prompt but it does not accept my
> password! And other times, emacs completely hangs when I C-g the
> password prompt. I was able to extract this:
> plink -load profile1 -t env 'TERM=dumb' 'PROMPT_COMMAND=' 'PS1=#$'
> /bin/sh && exit || exit
> Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
> Password:
> Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
> Password:

Strange. That shall work. Were you prompted for the password? And did
you reply with the correct password?

> Thanks for your help Michael.
> Best regards,
> Peter

Best regards, Michael.

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