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tramp-send-command hangs

From: Atanu Ghosh
Subject: tramp-send-command hangs
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 15:37:51 -0800


I am running emacs 24.4.1 on a Mac Book pro running OS X 10.10.2 accessing a FreeBSD host running 10.0. The (tramp-version)  function returns 2.2.9-24.4.

I am seeing a hang in this function:
(defun tramp-send-command (vec command &optional neveropen nooutput)
  "Send the COMMAND to connection VEC.
Erases temporary buffer before sending the command.  If optional
arg NEVEROPEN is non-nil, never try to open the connection.  This
is meant to be used from `tramp-maybe-open-connection' only.  The
function waits for output unless NOOUTPUT is set."
  (unless neveropen (tramp-maybe-open-connection vec))
  (let ((p (tramp-get-connection-process vec)))
    (when (tramp-get-connection-property p "remote-echo" nil)
      ;; We mark the command string that it can be erased in the output buffer.
      (tramp-set-connection-property p "check-remote-echo" t)
      (setq command (format "%s%s%s" tramp-echo-mark command tramp-echo-mark)))
    ;; Send the command.
    (tramp-message vec 6 "%s" command)
    (tramp-send-string vec command)
    (unless nooutput (tramp-wait-for-output p))))

When this command is sent:
_echotramp_vc_registered_read_file_names <<'082cc41d7f45caa1b286328eb0859546'

The "tramp-wait-for-output" function takes an optional timeout argument, if I set it then obviously I don't see a hang. Initially I had thought the problem was only with version controlled files but it seems to affect all files.


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