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Re: [aspell-devel] PHP and new Aspell

From: Melvyn Sopacua
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] PHP and new Aspell
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 14:04:41 +0100

At 04:58 23-3-2002, Kevin Atkinson shared with all of us:

Um, The Old Aspell/Pspell had the exact same problem.  The only requirement
is that the libstdc++ somehow gets linked in the the php binary.


> I don't know for sure if it works ok, but I'll
> make some test-cases to see if it does.

OK.  Let me know.  This will be the first real test of the New Aspell in
an application.

Well - the strangest thing:
-- it compiles,
-- it links into the php binary (CLI/CGI version to allow tests)
-- but php -m to list all the modules gives:
$ ./sapi/cli/php -m | grep spell

$ ldd ./sapi/cli/php | grep spell => /weblib/local/lib/ (0x483c2000) => /weblib/local/lib/ (0x48445000)

> I also don't know, if PSpellConfig is the right
> function to test for in the old library (the old
> config.m4 didn't test for any library, just for
> the header).

Hum, are you trying to automatically determine is the library is the "New
Aspell" or if it is Pspell?

Yes, because the new aspell needs to be linked with libaspell rather than libpspell. Maybe that's the problem here. I think it tries to load libpspell hardcoded.
I'll see if I can fiddle with that a bit.

From the old pspell lib, I would need a 'T'-type symbol, that I can test for, or use AC_TRY_LINK with some headers, but that's what I want to avoid.

Best regards,

Melvyn Sopacua
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