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From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: DIST_COMMON broke
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 14:55:46 -0500

Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello, Derek!
> > > > Looks like someone broke the 'make dist' target in the last few days.
> I also noticed that.
> > > > Specifically, input files from AC_OUTPUT are no longer being added to
> > > > DIST_COMMON...
> Exactly the same problem.
> > > Here's the patch.
> >
> > This doesn't appear to be the correct fix.  I'll write the test case
> > Tom just requested and see if I can't figure out anymore.
> How about this test (distdir2.test):

I've attached a slightly more succinct test for the original problem I pointed
out (distcommon.test).  It's nice as a perquisite at least, as it doesn't
require autoconf or make...  I'm not quite sure I understand the second
problem you pointed out.

It turns out that the first fix I sent in actually works, but I think it is
not the correct fix.  It looks to me like require_file_with_conf_line is
supposed to be calling maybe_push_required_file for these files but isn't for
some reason.


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I saw nothing unusual in the teacher's lounge.
I saw nothing unusual in the teacher's lounge...

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#! /bin/sh

# A test for failure to include files provided in AC_OUTPUT into DIST_COMMON

. $srcdir/defs || exit 1

cat > << EOF
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(nonesuch, nonesuch)
AC_OUTPUT(subdir/bar \
          Makefile \

: >

mkdir subdir
: > subdir/
: > subdir/

$AUTOMAKE || exit 1

# verify
grep 'DIST_COMMON.*' subdir/ || exit 1

exit 0

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