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RE: [Axiom-developer] [TeXmacs]

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] [TeXmacs]
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 01:21:43 +0100

Hello Bill,

On 18 Dec 2004 at 14:05, Bill Page wrote:

> Dear Michel
>  (and other brave "Axiom in TeXmacs for Windows" souls):
> Please try the new version of tm_axiom that I have just now
> uploaded here:
> This version includes corrections to read the AXIOM environment
> variable so that it works when placed in a non-standard location
> and also the Robert Sutor line-breaking algorithms.

Great ! The new tm_axiom works perfectly, now. However, the Jenks integration
example does not appear correctly : the big left parenthesis is not a \left( 
but an
ordinary (, the same for the right parenthesis. Moreover, the third line 
disappears. I
have pasted the input in tm-axiom.exe in a cmd.exe command window, and then the
\left( and \right) appear correctly, and the whole LaTeX formula is correct (in 
the third line is also present). So it seems to be a bug in the LaTeX import 
module of
TeXmacs, as you already pointed a few days ago to Andrey Grozin.

I tried also with the same input but with power -1/3 instead of 1/3, and the 
appears to have big left and right parentheses, but the first two lines are 
incorrect. So
the error seems not to be localized to the treatment of \left( and \right).

On the other hand, the output of the cygwin tm_axiom is correct, although on a 
line. So I think that the only solution for users, for the Windows version of 
Axiom, would
be to include the cygwin tm_axiom, until Andrey or Joris provide a corrected 
module of LaTeX arrays in TeXmacs ?

And congratulations for the great work !

Best wishes,

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