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NSPathUtilities Patch - 2 - Win32

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: NSPathUtilities Patch - 2 - Win32
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 12:59:02 +0800
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To improve things for the Win32 platform, support routines are created in 
separate modules. It makes it easier to develop and maintain. Calling out to 
Win32 support routines makes maintenance in other parts of -base easier as 

The structure is quite straight-forward. There is a Win32Support module which 
acts as a "master". Inclusion of "Win32Support.h" includes all Win32 support 

Initialisation of these modules is done after {NSObject, NSDictionary, 
NSArray, NSString, NSFileManager} so using those objects in initialisation 
code is okay. Initialisation should be restricted to calling required 
external startup code (like CoCreateInstance(), WSAStartup() etc) and 
allocating/initialising memory if necessary.

This patch includes only

Win32Support - master module
Win32_Utilities - miscellaneous support routines

The  registry routines in _Utilities are likely to be moved to a 
Win32_Registry module. Other modules are being developed including 

Although currently purely internal to -base, it's likely that these support 
routines will need to become visible to -gui as well. There already is a 
precedent for this but the question is whether or not to expose these 
routines to user land.


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