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my policy on grub legacy

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: my policy on grub legacy
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 21:19:55 +0200
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I have considered what I should do to decrease my work on GRUB, so that 
I can get more spare time. Without doing this, I cannot work on GRUB 2 
at all.

My conclusion is that I should do something for GRUB Legacy only if it 
is very critical. So I will follow these rules from now on:

- I don't implement any new feature. If you need it, please implement it 

- I don't even apply any patch for new features from contributors. When 
I agree to integrating your patch, I can give you a CVS access so that 
you can apply your patch by yourself.

- I try to avoid applying any kind of patch as much as possible. This 
should be possible, since there are several people who have CVS write 
permissions in this list.

- I don't reply to any bug report or patch, if it does not follow the 
way of reporting bugs, which is available from both the web and the 
manual. I ignore a patch, for example, if it does have change logs.

- I don't test any patch myself. If you need to apply a patch, you must 
make sure that it works yourself.

- I post a patch to this list when I make a patch for a bug myself. 
Someone must test it and ensure that it works. Otherwise, I don't apply 
the patch.

I'm still looking for a co-maintainer. If you think you can maintain 
GRUB Legacy, let me know. This would help me a lot, since this makes it 
possible for me to work only on GRUB 2.

Also, I'm looking for a web maintainer again, since nobody has updated 
the web pages for several weeks, even though I announced that I needed 
a contributor for the web.


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