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Re: Imported gnu.regexp and java.util.regex wrappers

From: Wes Biggs
Subject: Re: Imported gnu.regexp and java.util.regex wrappers
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 00:04:38 -0800
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Mark Wielaard wrote:

Hi all,

I finally imported gnu.regexp and added java.util.regex wrappers for it.
At the moment our gnu.regexp is the same as the original gnu.regexp
version, except for a few files and added copyright notices.

If this doesn't break things then I want to ship this as is with the
0.08 release. Then we can see how it works in practice. Some thing to
consider is that Wes might want to have a separate release of this, then
we have to think about how to avoid name/classloading-clashes (since the
integration means it is now part of the core/bootclasspath). Wes, do you
have ideas about how we can coordinate releases? And/Or do you want to
make releases from/in combination with new classpath releases?
Mark -- thanks again for doing all this.

I don't foresee myself doing any active development on gnu.regexp in the near future, so I'd prefer to slave to your changes. The development has been relatively quiet in terms of patches coming in, etc., for the last couple of years. So maybe if you and Dalibor get to a good release point for Classpath, I can sync up with your sources at that point and do a release on savannah.


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