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Re: Mauve test question

From: Archie Cobbs
Subject: Re: Mauve test question
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 10:40:05 -0600
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Jeroen Frijters wrote:
>>The problem with that approach is that if someone adds a new test
>>to Mauve, it doesn't automatically get added to our "white list".
> That's a feature, not a bug! In practice new tests often get added that
> don't yet run without failures (and this is the right thing to do). So I
> strongly believe we should work with a white list.

Huh? Why is adding broken tests the right thing to do? And besides,
if a broken test is added, this way there will be motivation to resolve
the discrepancy. With a whitelist, a broken test can get added but
no one will notice and then it just sits there getting stale.


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