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Re: Mauve test question

From: Thomas Zander
Subject: Re: Mauve test question
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 10:45:31 +0100
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On Thursday 30 December 2004 07:29, you wrote:
> > That output file can then be piped into the SimpleTestHarness.
> >
> > This brings the running of mauve back to one 'java -jar' and then just
> > following instructions.  (that 'java' is just an example; it should
> > work on any JVM)
> Is this at all problematic if your JVM doesn't support whatever classes
> are needed for this additional test framework wrapper?  Obviously you'd
> be failing some tests anyway so I don't know if it matters... 

As far as I know; the mauve testsuite is meant to be a general-all-jvm-tests 
suite.  Currently I skip the BinaryCompatibility test, it failed to get it 
compiling some time ago.
The rest is compiled in one go on Suns-JVM1.5 and takes a whopping 46 
seconds :-)  I don't think the compile would be any easier in perl.

Thomas Zander

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