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Re: Launch "home-made" gdb

From: Cal Erickson
Subject: Re: Launch "home-made" gdb
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 09:54:24 -0700
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You should not have to change DDD at all. Just invoke it this way:

ddd --debugger xt-gdb --gdb <program to be debugged>

This tells ddd to use the xt-gdb program as the inferior debugger
and that it uses the same communication interface as gdb.

The MontaVista cross tools do this all the time with our target gdb
cross debuggers.



I have  modified version of gdb called xt-gdb for extensa processors. It seems
to work the same way (at least it is supposed to...) as gdb. I then suppose I
could use ddd as an interface, if I modify the sources in order to ask him to
launch xt-gdb instead of gdb.

I had a look to the sources, and unfortunatelly I was not able to identfy where
I could make such change.

Could someone point me to the right place to do such modification, or point me
to a document that could allow me to do such change?



PS: I'm not in the mailing list, could you pls add my e-mail to your answer?

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