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Re: [Denemo-devel] Articulations

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Articulations
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 16:25:47 +0000

On Sun, 2011-12-18 at 09:05 -0600, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> On 12/18/2011 09:20 AM, Richard Shann wrote:
> > I haven't looked in detail at your code, but it seems to be working:)
> The harmonic does not seem to work. Putting <d\harmonic>4 changes the 
> notehead instead of printing something on top. Something like 
> d2^\flageolet or d_\flageolet is needed.
> This raises a question that I have had in the past but have been unable 
> to solve. How do I put lilypond code after the chord but before the 
> duration like <d\harmonic>4?
In this example <d\harmonic>4 the \harmonic is on the *note* not the
chord, because it is inside the <> which makes the things inside it into
a chord.
To answer your question, look in test/AllDenemoDirectives.denemo which
has a series of overrides for -chord- and -note- directives
(load it into denemo then look at the scheme window and compare with the
LilyPond output to see which directives placed what where).
It may not be complete, though, but there are prefix and postfix and
DENEMO_ALT_OVERRIDE and DENEMO_other overrides
which are supposed to cover all the cases.
Do a grep for DENEMO_ALT piped though grep chord  in the menu system to
find examples of use.
If there are missing cases it would be great to have them in the
AllDenemoDirectives.denemo file :)


> Jeremiah

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