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Re: Preferences.app

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: Preferences.app
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 12:37:23 -0500

Nicola Pero wrote:

> > Those of you on the IRC channel (#GNUstep, irc.openprojects.net) know
> > that I've been working on a GNUstep version of NeXT's Preferences.app
> > -- what I want to know is, what modules are needed?
> I wish we had a module to select the language (/list of languages)
> preferred by the user.

Good idea, I'll make sure it finds its way into the TODO file.

> And - I'm not sure where that would go, but anything allowing a user to
> do the equivalent of 'defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSBrowserCellFontify
> YES' would be appreciated.

And another one. I imagine it could go into the Fonts view, or perhaps a view
that configures NSBrowsers...or maybe a general User Interface view, which
would include NSInterfaceStyleDefault.

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