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Re: Cocoa To GnuStep port questions

From: Stan Shebs
Subject: Re: Cocoa To GnuStep port questions
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:41:02 -0800

> Saibot wrote:
> - Did any of you already try to use a gcc modified with the apple patches to 
> compile ObjC++ code that can run on windows/linux. I don't really care 
> whether anyone but me uses the compiler as long as it generates code that 
> performs the task on these 2 platforms as well as on OS X. So, the patches 
> being accepted into the mainstream gcc are not something I really care about.

What timing!  I've been working today on checking out how our gcc3
builds on Linux.  There are at least a half-dozen mistakes I've
found so far, nothing really difficult to fix yet, but the stage 2
compiler segfaults on some files and I'm still debugging that one.

If anybody is wondering why Apple is doing this, it's so we can
test out portability of both ObjC++ and PFE stuff.


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