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Re: Pre-multiplied alpha

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: Pre-multiplied alpha
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 13:04:20 +0100
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on 12/12/03 9:26 AM, address@hidden at address@hidden wrote:

> this brings one (hertical) questions up to my mind:
> why are there to two backends (art and xlib-only) for x11 and not just
> art? It seems to me that art has no further dependencies so making
> it a requirement for gnustep shouldn't be a problem?

It is true that I didn't do much testing with the art backend, but I feeled
that the xlib worked faster, worked on 256 colors and exported to another
display quite well (only if the other display was truecolor).

My attempts to export art display were unsuccesfull.

I think maybe the biggest user noticeable difference are fonts.

- the xlib uses the fonts of the exported display computer (ie the "server"
in X terms). This can be cool, but I think it is sort of confusing: you work
on one odcument one day, the next day you don't have the same fonts
- the xlib font panel is *horribly broken* it lists the half of the fonts I
have, I get fonts called "NIL" and other fonts don't display at all
- the libart backand has really few fonts and some of them aren't of that
big quality, at least compared to the adobe and agfa fonts I have on
commercial operating systems...

maybe things changed for libart? speed improved?

Besides: finding a new enough libart to compile was difficult, theArtOfCode
had older versions available IIRC, but this was maybe 3-4 months ago when I


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