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Re: ANN: GWorkspace 0.6.5

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: ANN: GWorkspace 0.6.5
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:07:23 -0600

On Jun 10, 2004, at 2:44 PM, Martin Kuball wrote:

Am Wednesday 09 June 2004 04:37 schrieb Adam Fedor:
On Jun 7, 2004, at 9:47 AM, Martin Kuball wrote:
By the way is there a way to disable the AppIcon? I'm using the
KDE window manager and this cludgy big icon always gets on my
nerves. I would really like to get rid of it.

There's a default that does this, but currently only works with the
Windows backend.  I suppose I could port it over.  I didn't think
my implementation was the best solution, but I haven't thought of
any better ones.

Can you tell me where I can take a loot at it? Or is it not in the
base libs?

well, it''s in

gnustep-back/Source/win32/WIN32Server.m  (GSUseWMTaskBar)

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