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Re: FOSDEM 2006 Schedule

From: Wim Oudshoorn
Subject: Re: FOSDEM 2006 Schedule
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 08:32:23 +0100
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Helge Hess <address@hidden> writes:

> BTW: I think the GNUstep website should advertise FOSDEM on the
> frontpage in HUGE letters, linking to the (not so) Wiki.

yes, please do.  When I started looking up FOSDEM for GNUstep
I could not find it.  

1 - No obvious link from the  GNUstep site to the wiki
2 - On the wiki I could only find the FOSDEM page
    by looking at recently changed pages.

But than, I am very good at not finding things that are right
in front of me, so it can be I just missed it.

> On Nov 21, 2005, at 8:09, Wim Oudshoorn wrote:
>> If it is important for getting a room, I can always do a modified
>> version of the presentation of last year:
>>  "Our experience porting an OpenStep application on MSWindows to
>> GNUstep"
> I think that would be great. Maybe you can do this together with
> Richard? (eg splitting the talk into technical details/state by
> Richard and Real-World experience by you?)

Good idea, but we need to figure out if 45 minutes will be enough
to cover both angles.  However, I can make my talk
fit almost any amount of time, as long as I know the duration

Wim Oudshoorn.

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