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Re: Best distribution layout on mingw? (was Re: GNUSTEP_USER_CONFIG prob

From: Lloyd Dupont
Subject: Re: Best distribution layout on mingw? (was Re: GNUSTEP_USER_CONFIG problem (Windows))
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 16:10:53 +1000

What IS the appropriate directory layout for distributing a gnustep application along with all resources on windows?

Difficult answer... it's a bit up to the programmer.
However there is one thing which is standardized.

All your DLLs should be together in some "executable directory",
which means my DLLs and GNUstep DLLs as well.

It's why I was (unsuccessfully :-( ) suggesting to have the GNUstep.conf file in this directory.

I'm guessing we want the config file, the libraries and the executables all in the same location, but it's ok to have other resources in the normal directory hierarchy below that top directory.

If that's the case, the simplest way to do it would probably be to add a script to the make package which would simply move the libraries and executables from their subdirectories to the top level after a normal installation, and generate a GNUstep.conf file in that directory.

Any better ideas?

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