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Re: porting from Cocoa help

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: porting from Cocoa help
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 19:42:00 -0800
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Anurodh Pokharel wrote:
I actually switched to gcc 4 and that cleared a lot of things. I
still havent gotten nsalert to work, but with many things turned off,
the application does compile now.
I tried making my nib files gmodels then .gorms.  While that did
work, it also really messed things up. The Gorm file is so corrupted
that once i save it, i cant open it anymore. There are a few minor
things, but beyond that i think OSXnews will have Gnustep  sibling
very soon, possibly this weekend. I am releasing 2.08 today and will
use that code base to make the first gnustep build. I will probably
post back on the NG with details and links

Well that's great, because GNUstep needs a good newsreader. Lusernet hasn't been touched in forever, and always had issues. Thank you for taking the time to port it. Really. Your efforts will not be forgotten. Are you familiar with the fact that you can wrap OS X specific elements of your code with #ifndef GNUSTEP #endif preprocessor statements?

By default, when you compile something with GNUstep-make, GNUSTEP is defined, so that code just won't get used.

It's most handy when porting.

Alex Perez

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