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Re: Scrollbars.

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Scrollbars.
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 17:29:51 -0800
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Marc Brünink wrote:
Adam Fedor wrote:

On Nov 14, 2006, at 5:54 AM, Alexandre Moreira wrote:

I'm thinking in using GnuStep's framework to develop a simple application, but I'd like if it was able to blend nicely with the rest of the environment. Themeing is not a problem, but the Scrollbars at the left, although as a left handed I really like them, would be too different from the rest of my (and most people's) desktop.

Is there any way to put the scrollbars to the right ? If there is not an easy way, is it hard to patch it to make the scrollbars appear on the right ? That way it would be at the right at least on my computer :)

Well, that goes against the interface guidelines and even Apple would frown on you for doing that :-), but you could just subclass or override NSScrollView so that the scrollers are drawn where you want. Probably only the -tile and perhaps -drawRect methods need to be changed.

Oh, I didn't cc'ed my reply to the list. But you didn't miss anything :-)
I wrote something about having a default to configure the side on which the scrollbar is drawn. I think this would be handy as soon as you display arabic text.

Or Hebrew, or Thai, which I believe is also Right-to-Left.

And everybody could choose his personal preferences. This is always a good thing. Even if it bloats the code a bit.
But I guess this statement is not new.... ;-)


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