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Re: Cocotron

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Re: Cocotron
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 11:14:36 -0800 (PST)


A quick analysis shows the following things:

1) They are missing many Cocoa classes
2) They do not use native widgets, they draw thier own, like we do.
3) Much of the nib decoding logic which is currently present in GNUstep is not 
in Cocotron.  That is to say... there are many cases that the Cocotron code 
cannot handle properly when unarchiving Cocoa nibs.   There are other problems 
along these lines as well, such as some classes are missing keys which are 
needed to function properly.   
4) Cocoa compatible keyed nib encoding is entirely missing
5) The only way you can build it is by using Xcode on a mac and cross compiling 
it for other platforms, this is a major drawback.
6) Printing appears to be non-functional, or, at least severely restricted... 
more so than GNUstep's printing functionality currently is.
7) The TextEditor example is completely bogus.   None of the connections in the 
nib are actually made... none of the menus work.   All it does is bring up a 
window with an NSTextField in it and look halfway nice.  Other than that the 
example is non-functional.

I'm quite sure there's more, but the above is just from looking at it for about 
10 minutes. :)   There are, however, a few things that can be learned from the 
project... particularly how the code is organized.   I like the idea of having 
class clusters in thier own directories/subprojects, it seems like the right 
thing to do.

The only reason that Cocotron looks good under Windows, I suspect, is because 
it was themed that way.  It likely looks precisely the same under Linux.  

It's unfortunate that all of these efforts are going on in parallel with 
GNUstep (libFoundation, Cocotron, AJRFoundation) instead of people getting 
together and collaborating on one project.

In conclusion, GNUstep is a much more mature and complete project than Cocotron 

Later, GJC
Gregory Casamento
## GNUstep Chief Maintainer

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